Skulls and Shackles

Day 3 on the Wormwood

19 Gozran 4714 A.R.

Morning bell tolls, and the crew reports on deck. Master Scourge calls duties for the day.

“Short stuff, you’re hauling ropes today… You, get below to Fishguts and start cookin’… and you, ugly, get back to the bilges… You’re useless down there though cripple, today you swab the deck”

When Passag reaches the kitchen, Kroop is already passed out drunk, leaving him with all the cooking duties for the day.

Lyra is working the bilges with Jaundiced Jape and Aretta Bansion (who she tries to influence to no avail).

Peg-leg Pete spends the day swabbing the deck with Tilly Brackett. Pete spends his free time for the day chatting up Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone whom he manages to swing to helpful.

Ada shirks her duties to take some more time looking about the ship.

Everyone manages to accomplish their work duties without incurring punishment.




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