Skulls and Shackles

Piracy ain't Easy

17 Gozran 4714 A.R.

After arriving at your assigned tasks you begin working. Passag is told to fish up some leatherback turtles, Ada Leena spends the day with “Ratline” Rattsberger working the Mainsail. Petronicus and Lyra get stuck working the bilges.

Once Passag gets some words out of “Fishguts” and understands that Kroop means for him to fish up the turtles from on deck, he seems to have no trouble with the task.

Ada Leena, with some pointers from “Ratline” manages to get the hang of working in the rigging.

Lyra spends her time working vigorously at bilge pumping, trying to pick up the slack left her by peg-leg since he was too busy talking to Jakes Magpie trying to chum it up.

If only Petronicus had known to pick better friends, as during the bloody hour Jakes is given a keel-hauling for stealing from the quartermaster stores.

The bloody hour comes to a close and dinner commences (turtle soup served up by Passag and Kroop). While the newest members of the crew are discussing their situation, minus Ada who is nowhere to be found, they are approached by a woman who introduces herself as Sandara Quinn. She returns Passag’s spellbook as well as Lyra’s tools stating that everyone on a pirate crew needs friends, including herself.

As the evening progresses, Lyra seeks out a space to call her own in the crew berth; Ada Leena finds her powerful arms quite adept at the game of Hog Lob, during which peg-leg Pete makes a friend of Giffer Tibbs; Passag enjoys a round of storytelling while watching the arm-wrestling matches.



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