Skulls and Shackles

Tardy Policy

18 Gozran 4714 A.R.

Morning bell sounds, and everyone scrambles to report to roll call, but some of the crew intercept the four of you before you can get to the stairs. Fipps Chumlett seems to be leading, backed up by Jaundiced Jape, Maheem, and Slippery Syl.

“Where ya goin’ in such a hurry?” Fipps says, sticking a hand to Ada’s shoulder.

Peg-leg Pete appeals to his better nature. “Friend, I don’t think that’s too smart of a choice. Last I heard it was Captains orders that none should harm another crewman.”

Fipps, “Heh, you’ll see how things go around here soon enough” and slugs Petronicus in the jaw.

In the ensuing brawl Lyra considers drawing a knife to end it fast but decides its not worth the keel-hauling and Ada grabs a bucket and beats Fipps and Syl into unconsciousness.

Maheem and Jape retreat up the stairs for roll call while the others recover.

The party scavenges the unconcious Fipps and Syl for weapons, and after Peg-Leg channels to heal the group he leans down.

Petronicus offers his hand to Fipps “I’m sorry it had to end that way, friend.”

Fipps snarls and slaps the offered hand away. Syl yanks, trying to topple the one-legged man, and they both bolt upstairs.

Mister Plugg notes the late arrivals and looks to Master Scourge.

“Take note, three lashes for those who thought their beauty sleep more important that my work”

Pete and Lyra are sent to catch rats below-deck, Ada is set to rigging repair, and “Fishguts” tells Passag to sit and have a drink with him (they spend the day swapping stories, and Passag succumbs to an addiction to grog). Lyra works diligently and easily succeeds at clearing vermin, while Peg-leg spends his time speaking with Tilly Brackett swaying her to helpful, but still manages to catch enough rats to avoid further beating. Ada Leena tries to get the hang of repairing the ropes, but doesn’t quite manage it (but she does encounter Owlbear Hartshorn in the hold below the officer’s quarters). Passag schmoozes with Cut-throat Grok while drinking, attempting to befriend her, but doesn’t manage to shift her attitude toward him. (3:20)

As the bloody hour begins the party is tied to the mast for their lashings. Ada and Lyra are staggered after the beatings, while Petronicus and Passag are beaten into unconsciousness and taken below to be watched over by Habbly Quarne until they wake up. Passag wakes up a couple hours later, and Petronicus a few hours after that.

“Wake up, at least the women had the balls to keep their wits.”

Passag finds an appealing game of Heave being played and decides to join in, drinking himself into a stupor rather quickly.

The night goes without event beyond the bloody hour. Though both the ladies end up having to drink their grog rations for the first time, lacking Petronicus’ magical ability.



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