Experience Tracker

You should be able to see your current EXP total on this page. No one else should be able to see this number.

There are some individual rewards to be earned, so everyone’s numbers may be slightly different.

I am interested in giving bonus experience for creative thinking and good role-play. Please share your thoughts

Experience Table
2nd 1,300
3rd 3,300
4th 6,000
5th 10,000
6th 15,000
7th 23,000
8th 34,000
9th 50,000
10th 71,000
11th 105,000
12th 145,000
13th 210,000
14th 295,000
15th 425,000
16th 600,000
17th 850,000
18th 1,200,000
19th 1,700,000
20th 2,400,000

Experience Tracker

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