House Rules

General rules

  • Every character should be actively seeking a life on the high seas prior to the adventure start.
  • Every character needs to have one (and only one) trait chosen from the Skulls and Shackles player’s guide.
  • Compensation/benefits for pirate-themed flaws at character creation can be discussed
  • Racial stat modifiers are applied prior to purchasing stats. (this means no starting stats above 18 for any race)


  • Resurrection magic will be much more difficult to procure. Any spells that return a soul to a body will require obtaining an offering specific to the deity being asked to return the body to life.
  • Material spell components will be optional, but can be used to increase the potency of spells (rare or challenging components more so than common ones)
  • A spell component can be left out (Verbal, Somatic, or Focus) but a concentration check is required, and raises the DC by +4 for every additional component left out. If a concentration check is already required, every component left out adds +4


  • Encumberance gives a -2 per weight category over light, if armor check would apply)
  • The peg legs and eye patches rule will be used
  • exploding dice rules from the campaign setting will be used for all firearms.
  • Combat maneuvers will be move actions (only one CMB roll can be made per round though*) and the combat maneuver feats will be lumped into combat maneuver families (see feats below)
  • Making a CMB check with at least one hand empty provides a +2 circumstance bonus.
  • Having one hand free provides a +2 to CMD
  • Weapon Finesse is a free feat for all characters.


  • Brutal combatant [combat]
    You are adept at shoving people around
    Prerequisite: Str 15, Power Attack
    Benefit: you gain a +2 feat bonus on bull rush, overrun, drag, and reposition
    combat maneuvers. These maneuvers no longer provoke attacks of opportunity.
  • Expert combatant [combat]
    You are adept at interfering with your opponents
    Prerequisite: Dex 15, Combat Expertise
    Benefit: you gain a +2 feat bonus to confound, disarm, steal, and trip combat
    maneuvers. These maneuvers no longer provoke attacks of opportunity.

House Rules

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