Legends of the Sea

Borgot Monster: First spotted by the Free Captain Ylgris Borgot, this beast also bears the moniker “the Serpent of Hell.” The 200-foot-long sea serpent sports wickedly twisted horns and savage upper canines that extend well below its jaw. The most notable feature of the Serpent of Hell, however, is its burning flesh, which instantly bursts into ebon flames whenever the creature emerges from the water. By the time the Borgot Monster breaches the waves and crashes down on ship-borne victims, it has likely already set fire to the vessel’s sails and hull with its blazing scales.

Brinyblack: Slinking its way across the surface of the Arcadian Ocean, this massive inky ooze resembles a puddle of some oily black substance floating in the sea. Most active under the dark canopy of night, the legendary Brinyblack burns holes in wooden ships’ hulls with a mere touch, and numerous vessels have fallen to its caustic grasp. As a ship sinks, Brinyblack seeps into its inner chambers and holds in its search for living flesh.
Tales tell of survivors who escaped Brinyblack’s clutches only by hiding in metal chests or bobbing in giant cook pots and paddling their way to safety.

Buklok the Crabfather: A strange calcified protrusion juts from the top of this giant rock crab’s shell—a statue standing nearly 4 feet tall and resembling a wizard in flowing robes with a full beard. Buklok is thought to be more than 250 years old, and the towering crab has myriad abilities: summoning swarms of crabs, invoking foul weather, and even controlling minds by stirring up unpleasant memories in its victims. The Crabfather is thought by many to be more than just a strangely mutated crab. Monster hunters and port officials want the beast destroyed, and many have put up bounties offering extravagant rewards for the creature’s calcified protuberance.

Fiendspray of Chains and Hooks: Oceanic sages speculate that this unique creature is the result of some hellish transformation that turned a kraken into the plaything of the Shadow Plane-dwelling kytons, who broke it down and rebuilt it into a perfect hunter for the sea’s lightless
depths. This fiend wraps the massive black chains and barbed hooks that replace its severed tentacles around ships to drag them beneath the briny waves. One tale claims that after the Fiendspray pulled the galleon _Black Knight- into a span of inky black water, the vessel
later emerged fully intact, but ghastly apparitions had replaced the entire crew.

Lull Column: Revealing itself mostly at night, this strange circle of dark blue water initially appears harmless to unwary captains. When a ship sails over it, however, the thing quickly solidifies into a firm gelatinous cylinder 100 feet tall, lifting the ship above the water and marooning it on the column’s sticky surface. The Lull Column usually holds a ship in place just above the water while pseudopods erupt from its trunk and strike bewildered crew members,
absorbing their flesh almost instantly.

She of Bliss and Loss: The tojanida sorcerer known simply as She of Bliss and Loss maintains an open portal to a demiplane of her own design 40 miles south-southeast of Raptor Island in the Shackles. This mysterious realm houses only a single lush island, whose cheery inhabitants welcome all visitors with good hearts and noble intentions. On the beach and in the jungle, hundreds of humanoids from varying lineages and backgrounds eternally celebrate, cooking great feasts, playing games, making music, and otherwise indulging themselves in any passing desire. For every 8 hours spent within this tranquil realm, a day passes in Golarion. While it sounds idyllic, seafarers looking to use the place to recuperate typically find themselves constantly bothered by revelers asking them to join the festivities; they get little rest and accomplish few
tasks because of these interruptions.

Xochatli: A living artifact from lost Azlant, this enormous clockwork leviathan lost contact with its creator and master when the continent was destroyed millennia ago, and now roams the Arcadian Ocean. Resembling a giant mechanical octopus, Xochatli was created to be a war machine. Despite having lost its controller ages ago, Xochatli still clings to its primary objective of protecting Azlant’s borders, fiercely warding away any who would seek to trespass on the nation’s ruined shores.


Legends of the Sea

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