Ship Tasks

Roll Rigger Tasks (Master Scourge)
1 Rigging Repair: The ship’s rigging frequently gets damaged and must be repaired, requiring climbing into the rigging 30’ up.
2 Line Work: Hard work hoisting and lowering sails (exhausting work)1.
3 Upper Rigging Work: Work in the upper rigging, 50’ up.
4 Rope Work: Handling the ship’s ropes, including coiling them, stowing them, and securing them to cleats and single and double bollards.
5 Lookout: A climb to the crow’s nest 60’ up, followed by hours of scanning the horizon.
6 Mainsail Duties: Tough work raising and lowering the mainsail (exhausting work)1.

Lyra and Petronicus

Roll Swab Tasks (Master Scourge)
1 Man the Bilges: Vile and sweaty work cleaning out the bilges (exhausting work)1.
2 Rat Catcher: Catching rats and other vermin belowdecks.
3 Swab the Decks: Backbreaking work mopping the decks and scrubbing them with sandstone blocks called holystones (exhausting work)1.
4 Hauling Rope and Knot Work: Tying and untying knots in the ship’s ropes and moving heavy coils of rope from one part of the ship to another (exhausting work)1.
5 Runner: Passing messages to the crew and officers of the Wormwood in all parts of the ship except the officers’ cabins (exhausting work)1.
6 Repairs: Things constantly tear or break aboard the ship and need fixing, whether sewing sails or splicing rope all day.


Roll Cook’s Mate Tasks2 (Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop)
1-2 Cooking: Assisting “Fishguts” in preparing the day’s meal. If Kroop is sober no check is required
3 Fishing: Catching tonight’s supper using the ship’s nets.3
4 Turtle Hunting: Hunting leatherback sea turtles with harpoons, treble hooks, and nets.3
5 Bull Session: Drinking with “Fishguts” and listening to his stories. An extra ration of rum must be consumed, but an extra daytime ship action can be taken.
6 Special Occasion: Captain Harrigan is celebrating something today, and wants one of the ship’s pigs butchered and cooked for dinner.

1 A DC 10 Con check in addition to the task checks is required. Failing any of the rolls results in being fatigued at the end of the day’s work.

2 if “Fishguts” is drunk, and the cook’s mate has any other tasks today, the cooking check is at -4 and taking a ship actions results in all work checks automatically failing.

3 A failed check results in a day working the bilges (Swab: Man the Bilges).

Ship Tasks

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