Skulls and Shackles

Journal Entry #1

Journal Entry 18 Gozran 4714

I awoke this morning in the brig of a ship known as the Wormwood. I had been relieved of all personal belongings and retained an amazing fogginess of mind. I know the poison used; Oil of Taggit. The Blackened Wretch wasn’t above using it when her complement ran low. Still, having it used on me was a bit of a shock. Thankfully, they did not find the secret compartment in my leg, which is how I am still able to write down my thoughts.

The other victims – my newest crewmates, I suppose – are an interesting group. There is Lyra, a half-orc woman (although she doesn’t show her lineage) with a quick mind and a quicker tongue. Then there is Passag, a monster of a half-orc with an appetite for both food and drink that fits his size. Lastly, there is a dwarf named Ada Leena. She is of powerful build and takes to a ship well, but her personality has caused me to cringe on more than one occasion.

We were taken on deck for crew orientation. The starting test was unfortunate. They asked us to climb the rigging, first one to the top gets the easy job (which turned out to be rigger) I could sail this ship better than almost anyone on board, but my leg makes climbing an arduous task. In the end, Ada won the contest by a large margin. She was sent to be a rigger, and the husky Passag the cook’s assistant. Lyra and I were ordered to the belowdecks for swab duties. It was ok, as Lyra and I seem to be of same mind for what needs to happen on this ship. I slacked off a bit on the bilges, and as a result was unable to meet my work load properly. Lyra attempted to cover for me, but just ended up exhausting herself to no avail. The lashing was bad, but I remained conscious.

Despite the outcome, the reason for my slacking is imperative. If I am to get out of swab duties, I will need allies, and lots of them. I spoke to a fellow named Jakes Magpie today, and although he was hostile to me to begin, I could see that I was starting to sway his disposition toward the end of our shifts. However, it ended up being all for naught, as he was later found to be stealing, and as a result met an unfortunate end to keelhaul.

After the Bloody Hour, however, I met with better success. I was able to speak to a Giffer Tibbs during a game of Hog Lob. She and I saw eye to eye on a lot of things (an ironic phrase, since she is missing one of hers), and I know that I can trust her to help me out if I were to require it.

I would have liked getting aboard a new ship by choice, but I suppose this works as well. Already I have identified the group that I will have the most trouble with, and should avoid. However, the potential of this ship and some of her crew is there, it just needs to be properly harnessed.

Patronicus V. Thrune



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