Ada Leena

Badass Dwarf Barbarian


Heritage stolen.
Growing in an unintended land;
Into an unintended person.
Saviors, parents
Plagued by hostility.

Raised in Alkenstar;
Solitude a friend.
Life —
A teacher and a curse.

Thoughts developed
Of the unknown story.
Hope pleading to understand.
Aspiration dreaming of more to life.
Rage stealing everything.

The rage;
Burns the heart,
Blurs the sight,
Sharpens the target.
The rage borne of unknown others,
Removing one’s self.

The blood surges through;
Rage swelling the veins.
Intelligence fights dirty.
The battle inside weakens this being.

The pounding waves of the sea;
Calms the soul,
Hypnotizes the blood.
Matching heart beat to wave.

Open sea —
Allows an unknown,
Provides sanctuary to a dream,
To be more than blood.
Feeds the need,
To be found.

Ada Leena

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